Possibly Veering Off the Intended Path?

Recently, with all the university and college acceptances being sent and the sinking realities that many of my senior friends will be moving across the state and some across the country, it got me thinking of what I want to do when I get to that point in my life. I’m a junior this year so senior year isn’t far away and with that comes the stress of apps and difficult decisions. Most of the people I know have gone directly to college or university and go through school far several years without much of a break and I don’t know if that is what I want. With that thought in mind, I began researching about gap years.

I read several different articles about the pros and cons of a gap year from all types of perspectives. Some say that taking a gap year can help a person decide what they truly want in life rather than just going straight to school and pursuing something that you think might be right for you. It is a way to find your passions and experience things that many people fresh out of high school usually aren’t able to ever experience. Another reason for taking a gap year was that after high school, a person is young, curious and ready to explore. There is not going to be a time where you are younger or have the amount of time you have to be able to travel and do things that you always have wanted to.

But with the pros, there are also some cons. For example, a con can be by taking a year to two off, you may lose momentum and forget things such as how to write an essay and the knowledge that you learned in high school over the time that you are out, making the the transition back into a school environment more difficult. Another con is the financial situation. Some people may not have funding to go on a gap year. It is a huge financial toll on a person if they are paying for it themselves.

So after all the research I did, I am still unsure what I want to do after I graduate. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to travel, meet new people and experience new things. I don’t know if I want to graduate high school then directly throw myself back into school to endure all the stress of school once again without a little break in between. But on the other hand, do I really want to start my schooling a year later and therefore, possibly push my schooling even longer than it is needed? And am I willing to take the chance of disappointing my parents by telling them that I don’t want to start school right away, especially when all my family members went straight to a university?

Photo by: Annie Spratt

Unsplash Account: @anniespratt


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