It’s All Going Down the Drain: Food Waste In the US

Food waste is a huge problem in the US. We have so much of it, we seem to taken it for granted. I recently watched a video about one of the root causes for the vast amount of waste that is seen in the US and that problem is the confusion stemming from the sell by date. According to this video, many people do not really know what the sell by date is and therefore, it is often mistaken as an expiration date. Therefore, people tend to throw those foods away even though they are perfectly fine to eat.

This is a trying problem because there are many places in the world and even in the US itself where people are begging for food and eating scraps and anything they can find and we are just throwing it away. And do you know what’s the worst part? It’s the fact that in some states, the food that goes beyond a certain date can’t be donated even if they are perfectly safe to consume. If we can better regulate and actually begin to back expiration dates with scientific facts then, that can be one step closer to reducing the amount of waste in the US.


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