A Way Around It

Recently I read and article called ‘Wages rise on Californian farms. Americans still don’t want the job.‘ by Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan. The article was about effect of Trump’s immigration policy on farms especially vineyards in California. It was largely about the fact that now that the immigration policy has become so strict, farms are losing workers and therefore need to raise wages to try to attract people to come work. Although this is a positive for any potential worker, it isn’t for the farmers. For example, in the case of Arnulfo Solorio it is becoming increasingly difficult to even split even when it comes to the wages he pays his workers and the profit he makes a year. He recently had to cut down a portion of his vineyard to help with costs. And even though he raised his wages (to well above minimum wage, $16), no legal citizens want to work at his vineyard. So the question is why not? I personally believe that the fact that no one wants to work on a vineyard is because most of us were raised to want more. We were raised to want to go to college and get a stable job right after that will pay for our food, housing and any all other amenities that we may desire. This idea was instilled in our brains as a child and throughout the time we are in school so when something different is offered, it’s a foreign idea that no one really gives a second thought about.

But how I, and probably some others see it, is that I would take the job as a start and as a way to get me on my feet. After I have figured everything out, then I can move on to my main goal. I believe that there is not just one way to get to a certain place. Sometimes a little innovation and veering slightly off the predetermined path is required to eventually get where you need to go.

Photo by Rowan Heuvel

Unsplash Account: @insolitus


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