Helping the Environment One Step at a Time

Recently, I attended a beach clean up in Huntington Beach, California. I had done many of these before with several different organizations and I always enjoyed waking up early and going out there, knowing that I was doing something good for my community and environment. During the beach clean up, we ran into a dead sea turtle. It seemed to have been there over night and was in really bad shape. As a crowd gathered around the dead animal, I over heard that its death was caused by some plastic that was floating in the ocean. I never understood why someone would just litter like its nothing. How they couldn’t see the consequences of what they were doing. It was crazy to me, but I guess its just how things are. Some people may not see the consequences, but others do. Those are the people who go out and pick up the trash, who raise awareness of what litter can do to animals and wildlife and those are the people who surrounded me during the beach clean up. There were so many people there who were willing to give up their morning and go out to do something good and that was what was amazing to me.


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