My Culture

If there is one thing that my grandparents have instilled in me at a young age was to cherish my heritage and culture. My family is from Vietnam and emigrated to America about 40 years ago. They then settled in Southern California where my sister and I were born. I grew up with my grandparents being a very heavy influence on my childhood. They taught me how to speak Vietnamese and the traditions that they celebrated back in Vietnam. They would also take me to Buddhist temples especially on Lunar New Years and I always loved looking and exploring the statues and shrines there. To this day, I still hold my culture and traditions very close to my heart and hope it can be something that I pass down to my children. The Vietnamese culture is rich in tradition it is something that I am very  proud to be a part of.

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One thought on “My Culture

  1. I just came back from a cycling tour of Vietnam and I completely fell in love with the country…and the coffee…and the food. It was a fantastic experience that has changed my thoughts on vacations.

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