What Can You Do?

My favorite animal of all time has to be the giraffe. First of all, I think they’re absolutely adorable and I think their long necks and tall stature just adds to their charm. But recently, I watched a video that explained that giraffes were slowly going extinct, but they are not the only ones that are facing this problem, many other animals are to. This seemingly slow mass extinction of animals and wildlife is caused largely by humans. We, as humans, tend to think that we are the dominant species and therefore that we can do anything want without facing the consequences of those that we are affecting. That may be one way to see the situation, but another way, which I wholly support, is that since we are thought of as the dominant species, that we must help those who don’t have a voice.

Often times, I hear, ‘Oh what can one person do?’, but one person can do a lot, especially at this age. With social media being the something that most people have access to, raising awareness about this situation is an easy and simple thing to do.

Link to learn more:

Giraffes face ‘silent extinction’ as population shrinks nearly 40%

World Wildlife Foundation Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species List

Extinct: which animals could we lose forever in 2017?

Photo by: Gary Bendig

Unsplash Account: @kris_ricepees


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