Oh, What a Change Some Detail Can Make

Detail and description. Every writer, teacher, person in general will tell you it’s important, but how important is the question. In Let’s Get Specific by Beth Johnson, she not only tells you how critical description and detail is, but reinforces it by showing you. Her essay gives the reader various examples of both a vague written work and a descriptive one. By reading both examples, the reader is able to realize how crucial description is to writing. It is amazing the drastic change a bit of detail can do to a resumé, letter, or etc. Provide specifics. It adds life, color, sounds, and etc. to writing and makes it both more interesting and helps get your point across much easier as well. So don’t be afraid to expand, to go deeper and describe, using all types of adjectives. Get your point across by description and detail rather than just a statement because it will make all the difference.


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