A Reflection on My Writing

My blog has always been a place where I could express my opinions and both the everyday occurrences and the life-changing experiences that have happened in my life. I’ve spoken about things from family trips my take on the class system that is so prominent in our society. It is my personal blog, composed of what I think is important to me at that moment and for moments to come.

Throughout the time that I have been active on my blog, I’ve noticed that an overarching theme in my posts is the idea of going out in the world and experiencing things first hand by yourself and with those you love the most. In regard to SQUID elements, I’ve used Delight and Unite the most by far. This is because I find that building connections between the things that I have experienced and learned helps me put in perspective the things that have happened to me. I believe that everything that I have faced thus far has made a positive impact on who I am as a person so that’s why Delight is my most commonly used SQUID element.


By far my favorite post that I have written was Tips to Face Change. I wrote it during a time where aspects of my own life were shifting so by writing that post, it was a way to express my feelings and concerns. I, personally, have a love-hate relationship with change. It is always sad to see the aspects of your life that you have become so used to change, but at the same time, it reveals new opportunities and adventures awaiting you.  As I begin the second semester of my junior year, the changes to come have risen to the forefront of my mind and instead of a distant fantasy, has become a daunting reality. Although it might be frightening at first and that I may never be truly ready to face the challenges that are to come, I know that I will try my best.





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