Our Impenetrable Classes

In Lucinda Rosenfeld’s “Notes on the Upper Muddle”, she speaks about the distinctive social classes that are clear in our society. The Great Gatsby also has an overlaying theme of social class throughout the book. Most of the time, class is based on your economic situation, but also includes the people that surrounds you. This is because if you surround yourself with certain types of people, you start conforming to their lifestyle.

I’ve always wondered why do some people deny that there are segregated social classes in our society, even though there clearly are. And now I think I have a better understanding of why. I think it is because, people don’t want to believe that no matter how hard they  work, it will never be enough to reach the people who make more than them, who live more lavishly than them or who can afford more than them. Lucinda Rosenfeld writes in her “Notes on the Upper Muddle”, that the social structure of our society is extremely rigid and nearly impossible to penetrate. So why do people even try? It’s because it is instilled in the American spirit to work hard for what you want and to become successful through your own hard work. And I believe that is why we continue to reach for greater things.


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