America the Great


“Because for all our outward differences, we all share the same proud title:  Citizen.”

-President Barack Obama

On January 20, 2017, there will be a peaceful transfer of power from President Barack Obama to President Elect Donald Trump. And with any type of change, people express different types of emotions towards the situation. Some may be glad that President Obama’s term is over and excited for a new person to step in, while others may wish for the complete opposite.

Recently, President Obama gave his farewell speech in Chicago and while many of us have different feelings in regards to President Obama, it is not a doubt that his speech was an emotional farewell, but also an inspiring encouragement to the American people. In his speech he reminded us what being American really meant, working hard and perservering to reach our goals. He emphasized that our freedom is a gift. A gift we must use to out fullest extent not only to achieve our dreams, but to band together to help those around us and those who may be thousands of miles away.

I, personally am sad to see, what I thoughtt, was a great president and role model go, but I know that it is time for change and time to show the same support we had for President Obama to President Trump. The only way that we can continue to achieve and grow is by being united and that means supporting the leader of our country. So although Preident Obama will be sorely missed it is time for us to move on.


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