What I Learned from My Parents


During my Thanksgiving break, I had an assignment for English to interview one of my parents to learn about their experiences growing up. I thought that this was a great idea because my mom and dad had grown up somewhere so different from where I had and in such a different environment. I chose my mom to interview and I was surprised about the many things that I learned about her life growing up.

I knew beforehand that she had a very big family, with 13 brothers and sisters. She had grown up in Vietnam and had left for America when she was only nine. Growing up her family had been poor so they had to work hard for what they have now. My grandparents were entrepreneurs. They started a business making and selling bánh tráng mè, a traditional Vietnamese cracker. My family actually continues to make these and sell them to stores throughout Orange County. As I listened to my mom talk about her memories growing up it made me realize that although we had very different childhoods, there were also some aspects that were similar. Such as having families who loved and cared for us as well as siblings that although sometimes bother us, are always there when needed. So listening to my mom’s stories was something that I will remember for the rest of my life because her experiences was what allows me to be here today telling the world about her stories.


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