The Potential to Experience


Throughout my life so far, my only mode of transportation has been by car, whether it be with my parents, Uber or taxis. My favorite out of the three would be using Ubers. Each time I have used Uber I was able to meet a new person and I have definitely met some pretty interesting people. Some were more quiet and reserved, but others were very open and funny.

My most prominent memory was when I was taking an Uber to Laguna Beach with my cousin. The man driving us was an immigrant from Germany that had moved to California about 30 years ago after his wife had died. He told us about his family back in Germany and his children. He spoke about his childhood in Germany and the fond memories of growing up with his older siblings.

All the stories that I have heard from various people made me realize that each person has different experiences throughout their life and that’s what makes stories so unique. They stem from the things people have gone through and it’s amazing to step back once in awhile and realize that there are 7 billion other people in this world each with their own past experiences and the potential to learn and go threw new things everyday that we may never be able to experience. But that’s okay because we can hear from others and appreciate it through their stories.


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