Stories From Being Lost


My favorite trip I’ve ever taken was probably to Korea. It was an amazing experience overall, but it was definitely a bit of a culture shock. During my trip, I spent a lot of time with my sister while my parents did their own thing. We went and visited many tourists attractions and basically explored what Seoul, Korea had to offer. We got lost half of the time, but I feel like that was probably the most memorable part. When you travel, losing yourself and just becoming immersed in the culture is the entire point and when my sister and I just took the suggestions of the locals, it lead us to so many great places that we wouldn’t have found without their insight. And those experiences have lead us to what I am doing now–writing about my experiences to share with others. My mom always told me that the best stories stem from someone’s personal experiences and she was right. When a person tells a story about their experiences, they share with their audience their feelings, how it affected them–whether it be bad or good–and advice.


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