Road Tripping

I love car drives. Not many people will agree and some even may think I’m crazy, but I absolutely adore them, especially long ones. I love that as you drive farther and farther from your previous location and closer and closer to your destination, whether you know where you’re going or not, you get closer to a possible adventure. I also love spending time with the people in the car and getting to know them better. In the car, I have time to talk without the distractions of work, technology and life overall.

When I was little I always loved when my family went on roadtrips, but the one that always sticks out to me was when my cousins and I took a trip up to Big Sur. It was one of the most excting and fun trips that I had ever gone on. Not only was the destination beautiful, but the actual trip there was fun too. We stopped by little destinations hear and there to explore the area. I remeber the car ride to be filled with music and constant laughter. It was the perfect worry free trip to end the summer. It is a memory that I keep very close to me and wouldn’t trade for the world.


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