Tips to Face Change


Having lived in Souther California all my life, I can truly say that it’s an amazing place to spend your childhood. Every summers was spent at the beach either playing in the water or having late-night bonfires. It’s all pretty awesome so it’s weird to think of myself somewhere away from the water, amazing weather and laid-back environment of California. As I continue through my junior year of high school, the prospect of college becomes more real and daunting. It brings up the possibility of having to move to a place that may be thousands of miles from where I have grown up. But change is a part of life. It can’t be avoided so why not just embrace it and take everything that comes head-first. The world, society, ideas, etc. are constantly changing so we must as well.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” 

Robin Sharma



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