On my trip to Taiwan, my sister and I visited an interactive art museum. In the museum, there was an exhibit where people could go in a little booth and write a letter to anybody they wanted in the world. Looking around, I saw letters addressed to people in all different parts of the world. It was crazy to realize that the people who had sat in the very spot I was sitting were all from place and walks of life. So as I sat down to write something, I decided to write a letter to myself, in which I promised to appreciate all the opportunities that are given to me and to come back to Taiwan one day. Fast forward to a couple months ago as I was getting the mail in front of my house. I was skimming through all the envelopes and I was surprised to see the letter I had written to myself when I was in Taiwan. It was then that I was able to form my own interpretation of the art exhibit. Personally, I think it was a way to show that all the people in the world are connected in some way whether by blood, relationships or experiences. We were all interconnected and the art exhibit showed that the people who were in that booth shared the same experience I did.


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